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Castiglion del Lago 

Castiglion del Lago is after Panicale the second Umbrian closer village from us of il Fontanaro. You can reach this Medieval village in 15 minutes by car. We suggest to follow directions to “Centro” and...


Cashmere Outlet shopping

Cashmere Outlet shopping around Umbria and Tuscany, a list of some of our best! They are located around one hour from our Italian olive farm estate The most popular around the world: Bruno Cucinelli. This is the right address...

Cultural Tours

Kamars Ceramics

Kamars Ceramics, hand made Tuscan ceramics in Chiusi Chianciano – only 20 minutes driving from il Fontanaro. Kamars Ceramics ,  Etruscan name of the town of Chiusi, is the pottery work-shop owned by Flavio Ferdinando...

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July around Paciano

July around Paciano  – The summer months are the busiest times to travel to Italy, but for good reason. There are many activities happening all over the country from the country to city. One issue you may find is the...

Cultural Tours

Città della Pieve

Città della Pieve  is one of our Medieval villages recommended for visit for its proximity to il Fontanaro (only 13 km). From the city you can see both Lake Trasimeno and Lake of Chiusi. It was the town of Pietro Vannucci...

Cultural Tours


Panicale Panicale is a Medieval village situated just 3 km from il Fontanaro Organic Farm house and 2,5 km from our village of Paciano. We love this village because it is a real example of the Italian country slow living. Art...

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June around il Fontanaro

During the month of June there are many different festivals to visit. Most of them revolve around the medieval history of the town it is located at. There are festivals ranging from food trucks in Assisi to jousting in Arezzo...

What's Going On

May at il Fontanaro

May at il Fontanaro ….the Italian country slow living! Plan your Month with us at il Fontanaro and check here some of our local best events, activities, including free things to do, festivals and our favorite food...

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