Let’s cook together at Fontanaro

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Let’s cook together at Fontanaro

The wonderful part of Italian cooking relies on the fact that is made with fresh and genuine ingredients, you can recreate traditional Italian cuisine in the comfort of your own home even without a view of the Umbrian hills. The Italian cooking days at Fontanaro farm are set up in an intimate space.

best cooking school tuscany

best cooking school tuscany


Lucia’s warm personality and relaxed family teaching style will make you feel comfortable and fully capable of producing some of the traditional Italian dishes.

Even complete novices can learn the skills and techniques required to prepare classic Italian meals in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.  The emphasis is “hands-on” learning.

Lucia will help you unravel the mystery of selecting the finest, freshest ingredients available. As is the case with all Italian cooking, the ingredients are always carefully chosen. Extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, saffron, fresh vegetables and herbs used in the classes are produced on the farm.

You will learn to differentiate between various olive oils and balsamic vinegars and to use them appropriately. We will discuss the subtleties of flavor resulting from the use of Italian spices.

With this knowledge of ingredients, you will make Italian meals such as soups, assorted “pasta”, “risotto”, various vegetable dishes and many delicious desserts including apple strudel and Umbrian biscotti…without forgetting our excellent meat from Chianina, and various ham also from Cintasenese.

Let's cook together at Fontanaro

Let’s cook together at Fontanaro


Below is a typical Umbrian meal that we might create here at Fontanaro using our organic produce, fresh from the garden. If you like we can send you our recipes made in the local tradition and I am happy to share them with you!

Let’s cook together at Fontanaro Menu:

Bruschetta with Olive oil, and  olive oil tasting demonstration

Saffron rice with our organic saffron from our vegetable garden or
Pici   with organic tomatoes from the vegetable garden
Eggplants parmigiana

Fresh  salad  from the garden

Apple Strudel

Red and White Wines: My Wine Fontanaro 2010 with an introduction to the world of Umbrian and Tuscan wine by the private Sommelier Alina Pinelli

Limoncello Lucia


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BOOK NOW: lucia@fontanaro.it  0039 338 733 8869 skype: lucia pinelli

Rates from 100 euro per person for the full class included lunch pair with wines.