Olive oil tasting at fontanaro
Olive oil tasting at fontanaro

Olive Oil tasting

At Fontanaro Organic and Ecological Farm house, Paciano, in the border between Umbria and Tuscany you can enjoy an  Olive oil tasting and Olive Oil educational classes.

Are you curious to know whats inside a bottle of olive oil? And to recognize a good olive oil by a bad one?

Do you know how to read an olive oil label?

Olive Oil tasting

Olive Oil tasting

Did you know that here  our  philosophy in making Fontanaro olive oil  is directed by the Latin Catone the Censor

Ask and appointment to the Olive Oil Sommelier Lucia:

Il Fontanaro – voc Montanaro 64 – 06060 Paciano PG Umbria – lucia@fontanaro.it tel. + 39 338 733 8869

Umbrian olive oil is one of the best of Italy, Discover why with the olive oil tasting here.

And it is also free! Only remember to book in advance! For us is a real pleasure to promote the culture and the heritage of the Mediterranean diet!

Umbria olive oil is one of the best in the world (together with the Tuscan!)

olive oil tasting

olive oil tasting photo credit Stacey Hogan

As agreed with the Latin Catone as example, we have to harvest before November.

If you like to learn more more, come and visit us, during the harvest (late October) we will do free workshop and lessons!

And do you know what is the Olive Oil Organic farming?

In few words it is a method of agricultural production which has as its main objectives:
The production of healthy , high-quality
Protecting the environment, nature and the agricultural landscape
Maintaining and increasing the fertility of the land durable
Energy saving
The improvement of the conditions of life and income of farmers .

And did you know that olive oil is gold and not green (actually he is a little green dust during the press and the first week, than it turns into gold color)….And that often oil companies add clorophilla to make it green and attract the market?

Here is a short introduction from his book:

MARCO PORCIO CATONE, from De agri cultura.

(234-149 B.C.);

When olives are ripe, they should be gathered as early as possible, and stand as little as possible on the ground or in the loft. On the ground and in the loft they deteriorate. The gatherers want there to be as many windfalls as possible, so that they gather more.

The press workers want them to be in the loft as long as possible, to soften, which makes their work easier. Do not accept that oil yield increases with storage.

The more quickly you make it, the better the work will go, and the higher will be the quantity and quality of oil from the same amount harvested. Olives that stay on the ground or in the loft will make less and poorer oil If possible, draw off the oil twice a day, because oil will be poorest if it remains too long with the amurca and the residue.


Fontanaro olive oil tasting is with free entrance but have to be booked in advance!