The best cheese in Tuscany: the pecorino
The best cheese in Tuscany: the pecorino

The best cheese in Tuscany: the pecorino


The best cheese in Tuscany: the pecorino!

Pienza is the heart of the “Pecorino” – sheep cheese, and organizes every year, on the second Sunday of September, the “Fiera del Cacio” also called  the local sheep cheese festival.

Did you know that most of the Pecorino sold in Tuscany is not Italian? Please check and read the label carefully before any shopping…also in Pienza!

Not all the Pecorino cheese in Pienza is good, we don’t have so many animals to produce all the quantity of cheese exported world wide, so please read carefully all the label. It must be product and packed in the same place. And also if it has the green European leave label  of Organic is even better!

This unique sheep’s milk cheese  gets its origins from the old city of Pienza, only few miles from Montepulciano. Pecorino di Pienza is considered the best cheese in Tuscany.

It is produced only  in the Crete Senesi, a specific area within the province of Siena.

Sheep are probably  raised in Tuscany since before the Etruscans and Plinio il Vecchio.

Pecorino of Pienza, was also the  favorite food for Lorenzo il Magnifico!

Pecorino of Pienza pairs perfectly with chestnut honey from Monte Amiata and Montalcino and the wines of the Region, such as  a normal Sangiovese, Red of Montepulciano or Noble of Montepulciano.

Here you are some of the producers: (for us is the best cheese in Tuscany)

Where: S.S. per Pienza Via della Boccia, 8 – 53045 Montepulciano (SI)

Tel. e fax: + 39 0578 757558 e-mail:

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