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Best in Perugia

Best in Perugia
Best in Perugia
We love Perugia, even if it’s suburbs roads are not very friendly.
First suggestion is to drive there with a GPS,  many time you can read the sign “tutte le direzioni” that means all directions! And you can get lost easily!
Best in Perugia is to park at:
  • Partigiani lots, it is located from Piazza Partigiani, Perugia. It is a not expensive cover parking in a good position for the shopping in town. From here,  you will reach Piazza Italia, Giardini through the Medieval Rocca Paolina, by escalators.
  • Europa lots, Piazzale Europa.
Best in Perugia – to eat:

Best in Perugia for aperitivo:

Best in Perugia for shopping

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