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Island Polvese

isola polvese
Alina Pinelli
Written by Alina Pinelli

We just discovered peaceful and lovely Island Polvese!


It is easy to get tto island Polvese  by taking the ferry from San Feliciano. In less than 15 minutes, we arrived in this gentle oasis on Lake Trasimeno.

We walked along a beautiful path lined with cypress trees and flowering oleanders. To the left we had a great panorama and in the distance, Castiglione del Lago. There are lovely shaded areas with every conceivable shade of green where one can sit and paint, meditate or dream.

We came upon an ancient castle in ruins with a picturesque tall tower, another building with a crenellated wall (Casa Merlata) and a delightful old church.

We ordered a full course lunch at one of several eating places (pappardelle in tomato sauce, followed by thin slices of pork, and crema catalana for dessert.)

The additional great surprise was that free wifi was also available. After lunch we wandered to a nearby little beach and sat and read our New York Times under one of several conveniently placed umbrellas available free to the public. In the late afternoon, we headed back to the dock only a few minutes walk away to take the ferry back to San Feliciano. A delightful afternoon and one that we hope to repeat soon!

Text by our great friend Lucie Hinden from Los Angeles and Paciano

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How to reach isola Polvese, timetable:


For Independent Walks:



Travel Time: 1h 30′

Difficulty: none

Length: about 3.5 km

Difference in altitude: 10 m

The route starts from the Service Centre and heads first towards the Castle and then on to the church of San Giuliano. The walk continues along the lakeshore as far as the northern tip of the island, then the path turns north-west along the shore, passing through oak woodland to the beach. From there the route skirts the reed beds before returning to the starting point.


Travel Time: 2h 30 ‘

Difficulty: none

Length: about 3 km

Difference in altitude: 30 m


Starting from the service centre, the route takes you to the Castle and on to the Church of San Giuliano. From here, after skirting the reed beds in the southern part of the island, a footpath leads to the Church of San Secondo and the Olivetan Monastery. Following the ancient processional route will take you to the Garden of Aquatic Plants and from there, back to the service centre.


Travel Time: about 1 hour

Difficulty: none

Length: about 3.5 km

Difference in altitude: 50 m


Starting from the Service Centre the path leads past the reed beds along the eastern shore to the tip of the island. After crossing the beach you enter the oak woodland and then exit at the ridge. From here you descend rapidly towards the Garden of Aquatic Plants, and from there, the path leads back to the starting point.





Routes and guided tours can be organised for groups:

– Duration: from one hour to two and a half hours

– April, May, June and September: Saturdays and Sundays

– July and August: daily

–  Lunches can be booked at the restaurant on the island

For information and prices, please contact: tel. +39 075 5002231 or +39 347 8489578

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Alina Pinelli