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We love Paciano, our tiny village which, with less than 1000 inhabitants, is one of the smallest Municipality in all Umbria.

Paciano turned 1000 years last 2014.

Etruscan and Romans have been settled here much before but the first written official document referring to Paciano as it is now dates 1014 a.C

The name probably refers to “peace of Janus” (Pax Jani in Latin) since there was a Roman temple dedicated to Janus, the wise Roman God with two faces. One looking backward and the other looking forward.

If you might be interested to know more about history and art in Paciano, we will be very happy to tell you more!

Paciano is self-sufficient with a supermarket groceries shop (named Margherita) in via Roma, and a Bar next door to it .

There is also a Pharmacy, (English spoken) a Florist and a Butchery, Miss Carla.

We shop locally since this is a way to support this community.

Many associations organize events, music, dinner and art during Summer. The relevant information you will find on this blog  at the Whats going on here area.

In Paciano there is also a postal office open in the morning, an hair dresser, a small theatre where monthly special music and theatre events are performed.

There are also seven churches to visit! Also don’t miss a visit to Palazzo Baldeschi where is Museo della Memoria and the tourist office.


The new Baretto Bar down the bell tower of the Municipality (Piazza della Repubblica)  re-open with the name of LA SOSTA DI GIANO offer you breakfast, light lunch and aperitives.


Front of il Baretto, Carla the Butcher, every late evening offer you the Umbrian aperitivo with salami, fresh torta al testo (typical bread), cheese and wines.

(Piazza della Repubblica)  tel +39 075 830446.


Every Sunday and Wednesday morning, 8.00 to 1.00 PM , FRESH ORGANIC BREAD thanks to Lia Cornelia Kramer.

Paciano - lo scoiattolo bread

Paciano – lo scoiattolo bread


Proudly GMO free, home Fresh Organics bread. They require 48 hours in advance for all special orders.

Tel + 39 320 071 7220   Where: via Gramsci 9


TrasiMemo LAB – This spring summer 2016, public classes are held during the week :

Every Wednesday at 10.00 – drawing and design;
Every Friday  from 10.00 AM  to 1.00 PM  -Arts and Crafts – 
These workshops are dedicated to teach the local and d the visitors artistic and artisanal skills featured in the Trasimemo Memory Bank.


From June 2016
Every Tuesday from 10.00 AM to 12 AM  Weaving lab
Every Wensday 10-12 Ceramics lab
Every Friday  from 4.00 pm to 6.00 PM  Embroidery lab 

plus weekly summer children camp

More info:


Paciano restaurants

There are also three very good restaurants La Loggetta, Oca Bruciata and il Casale.

Paciano shopping

1) “Penelope” tessitura , weaving hand craft, by Monica Giacomelli , at via Marconi 18,  cell + 39 339 173 2686


2) Recycled Eco lamps by Antonio Loffa

at via della libertà 15, cell +39 338 966 2603

3) Hand made bags & accessories Valentina Banella. You can customize your bag, only Italian leather!



Please let us know if you need help to organize your visits here in Paciano!

Paciano Helpful link

Paciano farming and cooking class:

paciano cooking class

With us at il Fontanaro!

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I’m a professional Wine and Olive Oil Sommelier and Chef expert.
I’m from Rome, but my life Today is at Fontanaro, Paciano, Italy.
I’m 38 years old, I love organic food and wines.
I promote the country slow living here and I love to share my passions for the Tuscan and Umbrian heritage with my guests.

… I have two chocolate labrador retriver named Ettore and Bacco!