Cashmere outlet shopping around Umbria and Tuscany

Enjoy our list of Cashmere outlet shopping around Umbria and Tuscany.  The area of Magione is one of the best!Have a look at the corners of the shops where is written PREZZO SPECIALE OR FINE SERIE to find the best prices and deals!
Close to the italian country slow living of il Fontanaro, there is Fioroni Cashmere, and we are happy to offer the 20% off to our guests. Please call us before going to get the discount code!  The outlet is at: Via Zona Industriale  Pucciarelli (Castiglion del Lago area).  Tel. +39 075 953242. It is 10 km far from our Fontanaro farm on the way to Castiglion del Lago.For the best Italian Cashmere Company: We think it is the n. one in the world: Bruno Cucinelli. This is the right address for cashmere fanatics. Although prices are really higher now, this remains a busy and popular outlet for cashmere knitwear in superb colours, fashionable designs and excellent quality. Count on spending. Where:  piazza della Chiesa 6, Solomeo (Pg), tel., Opened  9-12.30, 15.30-19; Saturday. 9-12.30, closed on the evening  and all Sunday. It accept all the credit cards… off course!

And other great Umbrian Cashmere:

Cantarelli outlet is on the way from Fontanaro to Cortona at Statale 71 Loc. Terontola,  Cortona, Arezzo. It is Opened: 10.00-13.00 15.00-19.00 Closed always on Monday. Tel. + 39 0575-67901. Shop firm of classic clothes for man and woman.

Lamberto Losani, is good but quite expensive, try the Sale area inside the outlet shop. I used to go there with nonna and I’m still dressing some sweater! Fantastic quality, no doubt! Where: S.s. 75 Bis Del Trasimeno (z.i. Bacanelle), Case Sparse Villa, 48/g, 06063 Magione Tel.: 0039 075 847 7101. Open from Monday to Saturday. One of the best Umbrian Cashmere  The company uses selected natural yarns such as pure cashmere, silk, extra-fine Merino wool, cotton, linen creating a classic Italian style, fashionable without excesses. The outlet store is in Via del Rame, 79 06134 Ponte Felcino – Perugia Tel. +39.075.5910935 Cruciani was created in 1992 by Luca Caprai with the precise aim of conveying his values and family culture through a message of excellence. Luca Caprai’s vision is based on a set of principles that underpin his business model.
Its objective is to achieve production of garments that meet the needs and demands of all markets whilst maintaining the highest possible levels of craftsmanship and quality. You can shop Cruciani in Assisi, Boutique Cruciani C Assisi  – Via G.Mazzini 20/A  – Tel: +39 075 816566 and also at the Mall  Via Europa, 8 Reggello 50066 (FI)  Tel: +39 055 8657115

Panicale Cachemire: Evocative emotions, in perfect balance.This is the Panicale Cashmere style, combining with originality ideas and intuitions with theknow-how of craftsmanship and elegance of high quality materials. All this, environmentally friendly.  It is in Via del Putto Graziani, 17 – 06132 Pila (Perugia) Italy. Never on Sunday and Monday Morning, opened: 9,30 – 12,30 and 15,30 – 19,30.

Cashmere outlet shopping cashmere outlet Umbria and Tuscany Style: Passionate, that’s Lorena Antoniazzi. Enthusiastic, dynamic and ready for every occasion; from travels, to meetings and work dinners. The outlet is in via A. Manna 75, Sant’Andrea Delle Fratte (PG), it is open from Monday to Friday, not at lunch time, tel.  +39 075 5288584

More info, shops and details… to be added as soon  More outlet  ask il fontanaro team 🙂