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Rome eat love shop

Life in Rome is fast and noisy, lets have a slow living mood eating out with locals, looking for a unique souvenirs, getting lost in the real Rome!

Rome eat love and shops ?

Here some of my best restaurants, shops and walking paths.

best restaurant  in Rome

–        Ditirambo  In piazza della cancelleria 75 (closed to campo dei fiori)  we all  love this restaurant for the good quality food, service, and  because it is listed on our beloved Slow Food Organization.

–        Il Drappo  – Located closed to via Giulia,  One of the best Regional taste of Sardinia! Cost around 40/50 euro + 39

–  Ciccia bomba – A very easy going and romantic roman Osteria in via del governo vecchio, 76  Tel. 06 6880 2108 – 25/30 euro. Have a look on Tripadvisor to double check

– Brunch, Lunch time or for a break during your shopping: GINGER



Where: via Borgognana 43/44  –  Phone: +39 06.960.363.90 Price: 30 euro

–        Fabbrica del Cioccolato, Said

rome eat love  shop

rome eat love shop

It is in Via Tiburtina 135. Booking, best with our friend Checco Tornielli at +39.06.446 9204.

It is in the San Lorenzo district 15 minutes walk by termini train station. Chocolate candy molds and other retired confectionery equipment now decorate this unique restaurant and candy shop. The menu includes homemade pasta, seafood carpaccio, and a selection of desserts that will make you dizzy.

N.B. Best of all:  chocolate fondue. Good wine list. If you go there after the lanch have a look on the shop anatra all’arancia, we love it!  (Summer re-opening by the 30th of August).


–    Propaganda – Just few steps by the Colosseo, in via Claudia 15.  tel. 0039  06 9453 4255.

A charming  bar/winery and restaurant where to discover a special taste of the best food of Italy.  If you love wines like us, this is the place. It has one of the best Organic wine list of the city with a very good selection of the best organic wines highlight by our Italian Regions. A special treatment for our guests if you ask of the handsome Manager, Daniele Quattrini.

rome eat love and shop



–        Roscioli, Via dei Giubbonari – The best Wine Bar in Rome (and they use our Fontanaro extra vergin olive oil). It is near Campo dei Fiori and you can go there also only for a slide of one of the best pizza with ham and mozzarella cheese in the city! The restaurant is inside, after the delicatessen area.

–        Cul de Sac – the one of the oldest wine bar in Rome , Piazza Pasquino. You can stop there if you are shopping around  via del governo vecchio and Campo dei Fiori.

Il Fico, in via di Monte Giordano 49 (closed to Piazza della Pace), they should have fresh fish daily.  A very daily place, informal with local people. Don’t miss Tonnarelli cacio e ricotta and Bucatini all’amatriciana!


– Da Felice in via Mastro Giorgio 29  area of Testaccio, tel.  Taste the pizza and “pasta ravioli alla Felice”, filled with Ricotta cheese and spinach.

– Da Primo al Pigneto: Here you should taste “A Matriciana”  – (the Pigneto area is a student area, not clean and not touristic) VIA DEL PIGNETO 46 – TEL. + 39 06 7013827, never on Monday. Better to book before.

– L’Asino d’Oro, in  via del Boschetto 73, tel + 39 -06 4891 3832.

Very very special food, we are in love with the chef!

rome eat love and shop

rome eat love and shop


And our best fish place restaurant are:

– Da Duilio (the area is ugly…Tiburtina, but the place is special)   V. cave Pietralata 44-46. Remember to call before is not always opened: 06 41787439

They just opened another restaurant: Pescheria Osteria Sor Duilio II at  Via Agri 9 – 00161  Tel: +39 0645651347

Mob: +39 3475997912  to book before!

If you are at Rome Fiumicino Airport don’t miss to, always for fish:

Go at Osteria dell’orologio. In Via Torre Clementina, 114, Fimucino, (RM)
Tel before going at: + 39  06. 6505251Tell them (Gerardo or wife or in general) that you are from Alessio at the osteria di monteverde


Alina Style around via del Governo Vecchio and via dei Giubbonari (Campo de Fiori area)

–     My best is Fata Morgana – via del Governo Vecchio 27 –

–     Loco in  via dei baullari 22 – We buy most of our shoes there! Say that you come from Alina, he will be happy to offer you a little discount!

After that, from Campo dei Fiori, follow via dei Baullari, have an ice cream at GROM

After this, the next shop is DADA 52, amazing dresses Audrey Hepburn style

Close to the and of this road, we love also Pandemonium  at via dei Giubbonari 104 (better when is on sale)!

See also:

–        Empresa – in via dei Giubbonari 25,

–        Borini Shoes Shopin Via dei Pettinari, 86 Roma – tel: 06 687 5670 – (area of Campo dei Fiori and Piazza Navona)  all italian and hand made shoes.





–        San Giacomo sandals, real italian hand made sandals. Fab accessories and sandals shop .Via di Tor Millina, 10/11. Veronica Santini, the owner  is a big friend of mine!  Have a look also on The Guardian review!!!

Style shops at Monti, a new designer area in Rome:

Le Gallinelle in Via Panisperna 61

Kokoro in Via del Boschetto 75

Our best dress and shoes shopping, the number 1 is: Mencucci, in Via Cavour 102, 00184 Roma – tel . + 39 06 47824405

GL & Alé parfum in Via Leonina 5

LOL, Piazza degli Zingari, 11


 A SPECIAL DESIGNER dress SHOP in  Via Leonina, 78or in the city centre at Piazza del Paradiso

tel 0039 06 4893 0405 EDO CITY, by Alessandra Giannetti


Shops are opened usually:

Monday – 15:30 to 19:30 (some shops may be open in the morning)

And Tuesday to Saturday – 09:30 / 10:00 to 13:00 and 15:30 to 19:00 / 19:30 (some shops do not close for the afternoon break)

Rome nice Street Market:

–        Friday morning, up to 2.00 PM at Stadio Olimpico (This is not a touristic place!!!)

–        Every day, but not Sunday: Mercato rionale di via Testaccio (piazza Testaccio – piazza dell’Emporio)

For us it the best of Rome for its street food.

–        More the Sunday at Monti (not always)


–        Salotto 42 in Piazza di Pietra  Better to go around around 7.30 PM  (COOL PEOPLE)

–        Socièté Lutece – Piazza di Montevecchio 1 –

–      Bartaruga, where also Woody Allen set his last movie from Rome with love


The best coffe in Rome: Caffè Sant’Eustachio at Piazza S. Eustachio (just around the corner of Via Teatro Valle)

B&B From some of our friends

The Bluehostel – The hostel with “hotel style rooms!” Via Carlo Alberto 13 00185- Roma
tel.  (+39) 340 925 8503 ask of Lello, great friend of us!

–  Or Amor B&B from my friend Emanuela Negri that also is very nice (very simple but good)
– Or you can ask of Ginevra Villa, owner of Domus Ripetta (she is the sister of my best friend Isotta) Via di Ripetta n°41  Roma 00186   Tel/Fax 0632609755 –   Ginevra Villa   cell. 3342612388


Night life:

Live Music International concerts –   In Viale Pietro de Coubertin 30.  Renzo Piano’s definition of the Auditorium as a “cultural factory” is becoming ever more apt as time goes by.

Love at:

rome eat love shop

rome eat love shop

After shopping and eating…a nice walk at Passeggiata Marcello, at the old Roman fish market it is the jewish area of Portico D’Ottavia. This area was created by the Emperor Augusto for his Sister Ottavia and  it was erected in 146 B.C. !! The Portico of Ottavia is one of the most charming passageways in Rome.  Where: Via del Portico d’Ottavia.



Our guests will have a discount code! Ask us for more details!