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Tenimenti d’Alessandro

Tenimenti d'Alessandro
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If you like to discover one of the best Syrah of the world, this is your occasion.

Tenimenti d’Alessandro is a historic winery in the Val di Chiana, only 35 minutes by il Fontanro Organic farm and Villas.

After years of researches, they are realizing Syrah true vocation for Cortona terroir, making wines that perfectly express the optimal relationship between the soil and the vine.

Cortona terroir produces two exceptionally fine Tuscan wines: Syrah and Viognier. Teniumenti d’Alessandro wines  express a complex and pronounced qualities that make them unique, thanks to their natural synergy with their land. Val di Chiana clayed-soils arefed by the year-round sunshine and very pour rainfall in the growing season; making Cortona as a small an shiny Cotes du Rhone in southeast Tuscany.

Why we love Tenimenti d’Alessandro? Because they are similar to us, sharing the love and respect of  green living.

Sulfur and copper are the only treatments they used in the vineyards; the soil is lightly worked for the whole year to encourage oxygenation.


We suggest at least to enjoy the 4 wines tasting, cost is 20 euro.

Also you can enjoy a lunch matched with Tenimenti d’Alessandro wines. They have a very nice little restaurant!

Local artisans who respect the land and the seasons, high quality organic ingredients simply but cleverly

transformed. This is what to expect from their  menu



To reserve a wine tasting and lunch at Tenimenti d’Alessandro: Ask of Massimo Azzurro, Hospitality Manager from il Fontanaro.  (+39) 0575 61866  or (+39) 335 7194789

Where: Via Manzano, 15 – 52044 Cortona (AR)

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