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Tuscany and Umbria in September

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Tuscany and Umbria in September is time for many amazing wines festival and many other local events like the cheese challenge  in Pienza. The weather is warm and the crowds are thinner. September is a wonderful time to visit  Tuscany and Umbria.

Here is a short list of events that we update each 2 weeks!


Live Rock Festival




AREZZO VINTAGE MARKET – The best vintage market of Italy – from 10.00 to 7.00 all in the city center

September 1 and 2


Palio della Balestra up to September 1 at 9.00 PM Palio di Sant Egidio and September 9 from 4.00 Pm Palio della Balstra


The137° Edition of the Saracino Joust – September 2 2018

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This is a Medieval tradition that was restored in 1931. The four quarters into which Arezzo is divided (Porta Sant’Andrea, Porta Crucifera, Porta San Lorentino and Porta Santo Spirito).



September 7 to 9 – International Festival of Artisanal Breweries


September in Tuscany and Umbria

September in Tuscany and Umbria

Buonconvento: one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. For this reason it is “a happy, lucky place” as the Latin etymology of the name suggests (bonum Conventum): beauty, history and culture are at every corner of this land and in every stone of the ancient village. #notjustafestival


CANNARA (near Perugia)

The Local onion Festival – up to September 4 and 11 to 16 of September



  • September 2 – Steam train tour from Siena to Chiusi.
  • Up to SEPTEMBER 3 –RUZZI DELLA CONCA – The five Contrade (districts) challenge – the pig race, the woman ball at the bracciale and more.
  • Running race competition September 16 at Lake of Chiusi
    wine festival Tuscany

    wine festival Tuscany

Pre festival: September 22,27 at Piazza Duomo,

Festival: SEPTEMBER 28 to 30.



  • CORTONA ANTIQUARIA – Up to September 9 . this is the 56° edition of this traditional vintage market fair.
  • The fourth Sunday of the month inside the city walls, in Piazza Signorelli takes place the antique market of Cortona, The markets are scheduled from 9.00 at 20.00 in Piazza Signorelli. Among the various stalls used items, collectibles and modern. The market hosts about 50 exhibitors.
  • Up to September 16 – The Sunday lunch at


Celebration of the Rificolona, also called Festival of the Lanterns, 7,  this is one of the oldest celebration held in Firenze every summer. September 7




The Giostra della Quintana is certainly one of the most important events to be enjoyed by those who visit Umbria. It takes place in the town of Foligno in June and September. It is the historical commemoration of the Giostra that was competed during the Carnival of 1613 “to decide whether it was more appropriate for a knight of honor to show loyalty to his prince or to his beautiful and gentle lady”.  The Quintana isn’t only a competition. The night before the Giostra, there is a parade through the streets of the town centre. There are 800 characters dressed in wonderful baroque costumes that depict precisely the style and the iconography of the historical period. During the two weeks before the Giostra, the town gathers around ten taverns in ten different quarters offering the gastronomy which represents the characteristics of the XVIIth century and enhancing the virtues of our territory. The atmosphere is fascinating and the spectators feel back to the past.



Rassegna del Chianti Classico – 48th Expo of Chianti Classico wines 

Greve in Chianti in 6 to 9 September

Directions: For those coming from the south:
From the motorway A1 you have to take the exit “Incisa”. Continue, then, to the location Figline Valdarno and then follow signs to Greve in Chianti, through the following locations: Ponte to Stolli, Dudda, Pass Sugame.
Journey time: about 22 km, 25 minutes.






MILLE E UNA UMBRIA September 2 –   from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM – One of the best yearly events of Umbria.A

A day to experience the best of Umbran products. Not to miss the lunch along the village, there will be a small ticket to pay of 10 or 15 euro. You will choose along the narrow medieval streets of Paciano among many local dishes: from Pici with goose ragu to the Cinta Senese pork and river of red and white local wines. Fontanaro’s guests can buy ticket in advance at their check in.

And at the and of September, great harvest at il Fontanaro with Music and lunch with wines  for all the guests!



  • September 2 at  Museo del Tulle PANOPERA FESTIVAL, VIVA IL VIN! Pièce lirico-teatrale plus wine tasting di Téathron MusiKé. To book: +39 328 7817221 –
  • From  6 to  9,  FESTA DELL’UVA.  WINE FESTIVAL
  • FROM 15 TO 16, Panicale FILI IN TRAMA, VI edition, mostra mercato Internazionale del merletto
  • September 15 at 9.00 PM and e Sunday  16 at 5.30 PM,  Teatro Cesare Caporali PANOPERA FESTIVAL, PALANDRANA E ZAMBERLUCCO  booking at:  +39 328 7817221 –
  • The excellence of artistic craftsmanship in the beautiful setting of Panicale Castle: national and international schools, exhibitions, practical demonstrations, courses. Edited by Gal Trasimeno Orvietano. In collaboration with Pro-loco di Panicale, City of Panicale / Councilor for Culture, Touring Club Italiano. (Info Cell 320 – 880 90 22).
  • Friday, September 22, at 10.30, Panicale, Municipal Theater Cesare Caporali PAN OPERA FESTIVAL. Art Director Virgilio Bianconi. Exclusive show for PAN OPERA SCUOLA under 15. The Thief Takes The Opportunity (1812) – That’s the case change. Rossett’s music for music. Director, costume scenes First Antonio Petris. Director Patrick David Murray. Master Collaborator Sabina Belei. Pan Opera Orchestra, edited by Téathron MusiKé. Info and reservations: 328 – 78 17 221-
  • Saturday, September 23, at 9 pm and Sunday at 24.30 hrs, Panicale, Teatro Comunale Cesare Caporali PAN OPERA FESTIVAL. Art Director Virgilio Bianconi. The Thief Takes The Opportunity (1812) – That’s the case change. Rossett’s music for music. Director, costume scenes First Antonio Petris. Director Patrick David Murray. Master Collaborator Sabina Belei. Edited by Téathron MusiKé. Info and reservations: 328 – 78 17 221-
  • Friday, September 29, at 9 pm, Panicale, Collegiate Church of San Michele Arcangelo Festival Morettini Celebration of Saint Patron Saint Michael the Archangel. Artistic Director Eugenio Becchetti, curated by Libera Kalocultural Association.



Vino al Vino – WINE 4 WINE FESTIVAL – This is a wine festival held every year by the third weekend of September and the preceding two days (13 to 16 September 2018).

WHERE: at Piazza Bucciarelli. The tasting glass ticket is 12 euros.



September  – Cheese Festival with cheese barrel competition.


Trasimeno  Lake

Boat tours +39 3351739492

Discover the most beautiful tours boat on Trasimeno lake






September 1 and 2 celebration at the awarded Contrada who win the saracino Joust of August 15

Sunday 16 – street antique market

To eat in Sarteano: Osteria da Gagliano, via Roma 5, tel + 39 0578 2680 22 – to book in advance



Up to September 3 – 50 MINUTES AWAY

Every year in September, the city of Umbertide makes a jump into the past to come back in the nineteenth century. Customs, traditions, culinary arts, politics and culture of the time, come to life in the “Celebration of September to the end of the nineteenth century. The “Fratta century” wants to remember the way of life of the time referring to a precise historical documentation. While leaving space at the spectacular, in fact, historical reconstructions are extremely reliable, except perhaps some concessions to worldliness with the beautiful costumes of the more than 200 participants.


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