De Ricci Montepulciano

the etruscan cave at De Ricci Montepulciano

the etruscan cave De Ricci Montepulciano

Winery De Ricci Montepulciano  is a must to visit here in Tuscany!

Where to park to visit Cantina del Redi Montepulciano: 

ULTIMO PARGHEGGIO (LAST PARKING) of Piazza Grande in Montepulciano, this historical  winery is in the main road after piazza grande inside Palazzo Ricci where they play also classical music.

Cantina de’ Ricci – Via Collazzi, 7 – 53045 Montepulciano (SI) – Ph & Fax +39-0578 757166

If you like, on the way,  stop also at the torture museum.  The museum is just before piazza grande from the parking:)

cantina del redi italy

The Winery De Ricci Monteulciano

In the heart of Montepuciano, just a few steps from Piazza Grande, the main square in town, below the elegant Palazzo Ricci, a Renaissance palace commissioned by Cardinal Giovanni Ricci (1498-1574) to the great Sienese architect Baldassarre Peruzzi (1481-1536), there is the monumental Cantina de’ Ricci, one of the most ancient and beautiful in the world, which is accessed through an impressive equestrian staircase that gradually leads the visitor to the discovery of an enchanted place. Here, for many centuries, the now extinct Ricci Family has lovingly cared and treasured one of the most demanded products of these lands: the wine.

The Cellar  For those visiting the Wine Cellar, excavated into the soft tufaceous soil, roofed by a monumental succession of arches and sustained by massive pillars which together remind us of a Romano-Gothic Cathedral, the sight is absolutely breathtaking.

The visitor will walk through the silent corridors bordered by several caves, laboriously dug out of the tuff, which host, at an optimal natural temperature, rows and rows of huge precious Slavonian oak casks, perfectly preserved, where thousands of hectolitres of the delicious Vino Nobile are stored. In dozens of neatly lined barriques are refined the best wines obtained from grapes ripened under the golden sun of Tuscany, in the well-kept vineyards which luxuriant crown the fertile and gorgeous hills around Montepulciano sloping gently toward the Valdichiana valley on the East, and stretching until the edge of the Valdorcia valley on the West.A visit to this Wine Cellar is a journey throughout time and history; here you will find the very essence of the sweet land of Tuscany: the wine, which the Etruscans, our distant ancestors, centuries before the Christian era, already took care of, worshipped and drank, with passion and perseverance, in happiness and joy!

redi winery montepulciano

redi winery montepulciano

The cellar, on the occasion of a high qualified visit of a few international enologists organised by the Enoteca Italiana Senese in 1992, was defined as “THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WINE CELLAR IN THE WORLD”.

We suggest to book the visit + wine and food tasting, and please don’t miss their “lardo” , salami and truffle cheese!

redi winery montepulciano The cellar is open every day from 10.30 am to 7.00 pm

Remember always to book before going. Special treatment for Fontanaro’s guests!

4 RESTAURANTS in Montepulciano:

e lucevan le stelle montepulciano

e lucevan le stelle montepulciano

At the and of the road where is the cellar  top entrance there is Piazza San Francesco, on the right side E LUCEVAN LE STELLE  a very nice winery and restaurant (on the other side of the same square there is a special sunset view not to miss). WHERE P.zza San Francesco 5, 53045 Montepulciano Telefono: +39 0578 758725  Cell: +39 349 6721302


la grotta montepulciano

It is in front of San Biagio Church Via di San Biagio, 15, 53045 Montepulciano, Siena

Tel: 0039 0578 757479

and off course la grotta!!!


For il Fontanaro the best wines @REDI are:

redi wines

redi winery montepulciano

1) THE ORBAIO RED – Super Tuscan wine made with Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Maturation for 12 months in French oak barriques, colour is deep ruby red with pleasing blackberry hues. The bouquet is generous, full, smooth and very persistent, redolent of berries, with pleasing scents of vanilla and liquorice. The flavour is dry, velvety flavour that’s harmonius yet intense; warm and opulent sensations from the oak. Pairs very well with cold cuts,red meatdishes, game and seasoned cheeses.

2) THE BRIAREO; RED – Most famous wine made with Sangiovese and Canaiolo grape varieties.  Ageing 24 months in large, Slavonic oak barrels, with a small percentage refined in French oak barriques. Colour is deep ruby red with light violet tones, bouquet is of varietal perfume of cherry and other red berry fruits with notes of toasted spice for a refined delicacy. Flavour is full and lively, excellent tannic notes and a long fruity finish with a light and lingering toastiness. Excellent with seasoned cheeses, all types of meat, including full- flavoured meats and traditional tuscan salami.

3) THE RICCIO, WHITE – With its Chardonnay and Viogner grape varieties, vinification made by soft pressing, separation through decantation, controlled temperature fermentation. Maturation period is 3 months in French oak barriques, followed by 3 months refiniment in the bottle. Colour is straw yellow with greenish hues, flavour dry and well balanced in the fullness of the alcohol, well integrated with light vanilla flavours that convay a great delicacy. The finish is harmonious and balanced in its principal components. Excellent with grilled fish and fish soups, this wine pairs well with white meats and medium- seasoned cheeses.