Madrevite winery is one of the closest to il Fontanaro Organic Farm house and holiday villas.

This is the wine tour in the even of the etruscans between lake Chiusi and lake Trasimeno

Madrevite wineyard is located just in the corner between Tuscany and Umbria, in the hill the cruize the lake of Chiusi and the lake Trasimeno, in the land before the best Nobile di Montepulciano of the world.  (The vineyard is just in front of Villa Tartagli @ Fontanaro, the next hill watching at sunset). They procuce Merlot, Sangiovese, Gamay of Trasimeno (Guernache) Shyrah, Montepulciano and Trebbiano Spoletino. From this year they also have a fabulous, full body rosè called La Bisbetica (named from Shakespeare)

Tour description:

You’ll arrive in a very panoramic place, in a hilly position with Trasimeno and Chiusi Lake around you. In this place Chiucchiurlotto Family cultivate vine and olive trees, foolowing a long tradition from Etruscan and Roman age.

Madrevite is managed by Chiucchiurlotto Family from three generations, the Farm is called “Podere Mastronuccio” and it is registered such Farm house in a document of 1651. Madrevite today extends on 20 ha all together. The vineyards are in a hilly position for 8 ha position south south-west, soil is clayey and sunny.

Madrevite’s name resumes it from an old instrument used by Umbrians olds farmers to close little door of old wodden barrels. Tool was restructured and preserved by Madrevite, now this instrument is the link with the past, respect for tradition and environment, which are values that guide Madrevite in its daily activities.

Family Chiucchiurlotto produces wine from three generations in its Farm, oldest vineyards are in higher hilly area where was cultived Sangiovese, Gamay del Trasimeno and Merlot. This production was only for family and commerce only to friends in big tanks called “damigiane”.

Cellar is nearby vineyards and have inside fermentation and manufacture room both restructured, where there are temperature controlled steel barrels. In Cellar Madrevite has also two aging rooms where there are little french barriques, historical barrels of cement and big wodden barrels. In thoose barrels wine stay months to be ready. Madrevite has a company store in Cellar where Madrevite sell direct its products to the customers.


You can discover Madrevite in many ways…

–      quickly: 1 hour visiting vineyards and Cellar,

–      from an “historical” point of view: 3 hours visiting an etruscan tomb and walking inside the vineyards and olive trees

–      by horse: visiting vineyards by horses…

–      by feet: making a three hour trekking tour inside olive trees

wine tour umbria by il fontanaro

At the end you will have full tasting of Madrevite products:

–      Il Reminore Umbria IGP Bianco Trebbiano Spoletino 100%

–      La Bisbetica Rosé IGP Rosato Gamay del Trasimeno 100%

–      Glanio DOP Trasimeno Sangiovese – Gamay del Trasimeno

–      Che Syrah sarà Umbria IGP Rosso Syrah 100%

–      Capofoco Umbria IGP Rosso Montepulciano – Gamay del Trasimeno


–      Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva

–      Fagiolina del Trasimeno Presidio Slow Food

The  foodie tour: If you want to visit Castiglione del lago and take a glass of wine… don’t forget the new  project: Porta Senese, where a Winery meet a Butcher’s

How to book and reach Madrevite: Via Cimbano, 36 – 06061 – Castiglione del Lago – Perugia – Phone & Fax: 075-9527220 – mobile: 333 72 90 039
GPS: N: 43° 3’ 0.455” –  S: 12° 0’ 8.222”