The estate of Scacciadiavoli is the result of the dream of Prince Ugo Boncompagni-Ludovisi.

The name Scacciadiavoli comes from a nickname given to an exorcist who lived in a village at the edge of the property.

The legend says that one day a young woman who seemed to be possesed was entrusted to him, to free her from a demon.

Using his potions and infusions, he tried to help her, but it was of no use, until he tried the “if all else fails” remedy, making her drink the red wine from the area until she was drunk.

The girl came back to her senses: it was the wine of the exorcist which freed the girl from her demons. In time, the village where the exorcist lived, and the whole zone including the property of the Prince, came to be called Scacciadiavoli.

It is one of the oldest wineries in the Montefalco territory.


The cantina was realized in the second half of the 1800s, when Prince Boncompagni left Rome to dedicate himself to the production of wine. It was in the period of the second Industrial Revolution that the Prince founded the “factory” of wine: a noble wine complex which could produce almost 1 million bottles.

We are in 1954 when Amilcare Pambuffetti acquired the estate of Scacciadiavoli. The estate where, from the age of 14, Amilcare worked as a field hand in the vineyards of the Prince. When he died in 1977, his sons, Mario and Settimio continued the business undertaken by their father. In 2000, the sons of Settimio: Francesco, Carlo, e Amilcare, in the name of tradition, decided to restore the building of the old winery, the oldest in the area. And so they began the ambitious work of restoring the noble winery. They preserved all of the antique structural and architectural elements, while introducing new technology and moderns fixtures.

At the moment the estate covers 130 hectares, for which 35 hectares are vineyards.

The annual production is 250,000 bottles.

The soil is composed of clay shale; the exposition of the vines is East – Southeast; and the mean altitude is 400 meters above sea level.

The reconversion and the development of the vineyards, have made possible the realization of almost 5000 plants per hectare, achieving the highest quality possible in the production of Montefalco wines.

On the ancient coat of arms of the noble family Boncompagi-Ludovisi, it is written “SOLA FIDES,” FAITH ALONE. The brothers Francesco, Carlo, and Amilcare Pambufetti, mindful of the significance of this motto, have commited themselves to Scacciadiavoli with all of their energy and endurance; and thanks also to the active participation of expert collaborators and everyone working at the winery, they are striving to reach their goals.

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