The Mozart vineyard

The Mozart vineyard,

il Paradiso di Frassina in Montalcino.



We re-descovered the paradise with the Mozart vineyard!

Don’t ever miss it while you’re in Italy

When you’ll arrive at the Mozart vineyard between Montalcino and Buonconvento, you will feel completely immersed in the harmonies of Mozart, resonating gently along the vine rows and across the hills before you.

There is a veritable influx of musical therapy pilgrims to Paradiso each year, so we suggest you book your visit in advance through our online form at the bottom of the page or via a simple phone call (English spoken).

Weather permitting, your visit will begin with a walk around  the Mozart vineyard, located directly opposite the hill of Montalcino. Paradiso’s team will welcome you and explain everything about our Musica & Vigne (‘Music and Vines’) project.

This Wine tour in Montalcino continues inside the old wine cellars which form part of the renovated farmhouse which dates the the medieval period, where you can learn about how the wine is made.

The tasting of the “wines of Paradiso di Frassina” will provide an exulting climax for your senses, already stimulated by both the breathtaking views and Mozart’s musical harmonies.

Their wines can be purchased directly at the estate, or by international shipment.

Wine tasting fee:

  • for groups up to 15 people: € 5,00 per person SPECIAL TREATMENT FOR FONTANARO’S GUESTS
  • for groups more than 15 people, please ask for a quote by mail:

    TO BOOK THE TOUR: tel + 39 0577 839031

    Loc. Frassina, Montalcino, Siena


“When I began to restore the farmhouse at Paradiso di Frassina (1999) and to plant a new Sangiovese vineyard around it, I intuitively felt that playing music to the vines would benefit their growth, as well as making me happy and enriching this place.

My vinous musical experiments echoed around the world, and attracted the attention of researchers at the University of Florence’s agricultural faculty with whom I have been collaborating since 2005 on the music’s physiological effects; and more recently with the University of Pisa on the entomological side.

With the Universities our studies, both in the field and in the laboratory, focus on the positive effects sound waves have on the vine’s root system, leaves and flowers, with particular emphasis on the repellent effect the sound waves have on parasites and predators of wine grapes.

In this way a new and dynamic impulse has been given to organic farming methods, oriented towards the effects sound waves have on the growth of wine grape vines, and although experiments are still in their early stages the early results are so far very encouraging”.

Irrespective of the scientific side, music for me ultimately remains an amazing way of marrying art with new paths of knowledge”.


Carlo Cignozzi, Owner and Protector

This is a short introduction to a world of passion, love and terroir made by the geniuos of Carlo Cignozzi who is making a world wide recognized Brunello di Montalcino.

I’ve meet him at benvenuto brunello yesterday and I’m already dreaming to be back in Montalcino to make a wine tour on his land!

We are starting to organize visit this spring, don’t miss the chance!!! Come with us!


(From Montalcino take the road to Buonconvento and around after 4 km follow the sign for il Paradiso di  frassina on the left).

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